Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia. Though many people would confuse it with La Paz (which is the administrative seat) Sucre is the capital city of this South American nation.  The only airport in this city is “Juana Azurduy De Padilla” Airport SLSU (SRE). And it has on average 2 daily flights within Bolivia servicing this city. The airport is considered by most one of the most challenging and difficult of Bolivia and also among South American airports.


Ever wanted to fly your airliner (737/A320) into a sloped runway airport such as Lukla or Courchevel? You know you can’t because the runway is not apt, but Sucre airport’s runway which is significantly sloped because of its location in mountain ridges is a 9000+ feet runway, but because the field’s high elevation of more than 3000+ meters above sea level coupled with the sloping runway its quite a challenge to both arrive and depart from this airport.


For landing usually on runway 05, its quite a challenge because once touchdown the runway starts to downward slope and the pilot would think is going to run out of runway and fall into the abyss at the end. For departure which is only on one direction, full power is to be applied in order to avoid a hill that is ahead and caution on rotation is to be exercised in order to prevent a tail strike.


Within this scenery package you will have:


SLSU (SRE) airport with it’s significant sloped runway, main terminal buildings in exact detail

Surroundings extremely detailed.

More than 300 sq Kilometers of photo scenery with thousands of hand placed autogen

Mesh for the entire area of Sucre

High resolution ground textures

Revised land classes for surrounding photo scenery.

Inclusion of manual in PDF format.

Inclusion of charts and maps.

Birds (FSX) and vehicle animations (FS2004)