Santo Domingo, DR (MDSD)

Las Americas Airport is the Dominican Republic’s capital city airport, its 20KM from the centre of the city of Santo Domingo, and is one of the oldest airports in the Caribbean.  Its official name is Las Americas José Francisco Peña Gómez but is mostly known as Las Americas. The name Las Americas is derived after the fact that Santo Domingo was the first ‘officially’ founded city by the European conquistadores of the new world “America”.


For this scenery you will have:

MDSD (SDQ) airport with all its buildings done with accurate detail

Surroundings extremely detailed

More than 150sq Kilometers of photo scenery with thousands of hand placed

custom autogen, dozens of custom made buildings and objects in a 30 KM area from east to west.

Mesh for the entire area of Santo Domingo.

High resolution ground textures for runways, taxiways, apron etc.

Revised land classes for surrounding photo scenery.

Inclusion of manual in PDF format.

Inclusion of charts and maps.

Birds (FSX) Dolphins (FSX)

Vehicle animations (FS2004) and native (FSX)

Excellent night lighting.

Dozens of custom apron objects (containers, vehicles, etc).

Respective AFCAD for FS2004 and AFX file for FS making it fully AI traffic


DX9 compatible for FSX

Inclusion of charts in PDF format.

Auto Installer adding automatically to the scenery library in FS.

System requirements for FSX:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or SP2)

Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7

2 Ghz Processor


3D graphics card with at least 256 MB

System requirements for FS2004:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1)

Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7

2 Ghz Processor